Mrs. Jeanne Frenger

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 Welcome to 6th grade ELA

‚ÄčImportant Information 

Research project due 5/21.  Info for project on google classroom.  Project includes research report(about 3 pages)and a presentation of either a poster, video/commercial or a powerpoint/google slides.

Final Schedule  
Mon June 3rd=Science
Tues. June 4th= Math
Wed. June 5th =ELA
(Vocab 3 units 12-14 and Book Test for Flush)
Thurs. June 6th=SS and Spanish
Friday June 7th=Religion

Field Day 5/28
Ascension Thursday No School 5/30
No School 5/31
Beach Day 6/11

Early dismissal 6/17 10:30
Last School Mass

Last Day of School 6/18  
Early dismissal 10:30

Extra help is:
 Thursday-Come with a question.


You can order online or submit a check made out to Scholastic.

Class Schedule:
Mon:  Physical Education    
Tues:  Art    
Wed:  Music
Thurs:  Spanish/Keyboarding
Fri:  Comp