8-1 Religion & Health

  • Religion Virtual Learning Curriculum

    Please see below for daily 8-1 Religion Assignments. Please hold on to all materials for when we return to school. 

    Thank you and God Bless.

  • April 27- May 1

    I CREATED A GOOGLECLASSROOM FOR RELIGION--- THE INVITE IS IN YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL. Please accept the invite to see our week's assignments for Religion. 

    Thank you!

  • April 20- April 24

    Monday, April 20-
    - Religion Book: Read Chapter 7

    Tuesday, April 21-
    - Religion Book: Outline Chapter 7

    Wednesday, April 22-
    - Religion Book: Complete End of Section Assessment Questions

    Thursday, April 23-
    - Religion Book: Study Chapter 7
      Re-read, re-write, flash cards, quizlet, etc.

    Friday, April 24-
    - Chapter 7 Test
    ** I will email you the link for the test by 8:00 am in GoogleForms. If the test is not completed by midnight, you will be awarded no credit.

  • March 30- April 3

    Monday, March 30-
    - Religion Book: Chapter 6 End of Chapter Assessment

    Tuesday, March 31-
    - Test on Friday (Chpt 5 and 6) Review
      - make quizlet cards, re-read, re-write

    Wednesday, April 1-
    Lent and Holy Week Packet
    - "Easter Vigil"

    Thursday, April 2-
    Lent and Holy Week Packet
    - "Easter"
    Friday, April 3-
    - Chapter 5 and 6 Test
    ​​​​​​​  - I will email you the link to take the GoogleForms test. 

  • March 23- March 27

    Monday, March 23-
    Lent and Holy Week Packet
    - Fat Tuesday
    - Ash Wednesday
    - Palm Sunday

    Tuesday, March 24-
    - Religion Book: Chapter 5 End of Chapter Assessment

    Wednesday, March 25-
    Lent and Holy Week Packet
    - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

    Thursday, March 26-
    - Religion Book: Chapter 6 Read and Outline

    Friday, March 27-
    Lent and Holy Week Packet
    - Holy Thursday
    - Good Friday

  • March 16- March 20

    Monday, March 16-
    - Teacher Professional Development Day
    - No Class for students

    Tuesday, March 17-
    - Lent and Holy Week Packet
    - Lent
    - The Number 40
    - Jesus is Tempted in the Wilderness

    Wednesday, March 18-
    - Religion Book: Read Chapter 5 and Outline

    Thursday, March 19- 
    - Lent and Holy Week Packet
    - Fasting and Abstaining
    - Prayer
    - Almsgiving

    Friday, March 20- 
    - Religion Book: Outline/Self-Notes for Chapter 5

  • Religion and Health Curriculum

    At Saint Patrick School in eighth grade, the students will recieve the sacrament of Confirmation. From September to November, I will prepare my students to receieve the Holy Spirit at Confirmation and strengthen their bond to the Catholic Church. We will document our Acts of Kindness, perform Works of Mercy and complete several Service Projects to give back to the school and community. The students will complete several projects including Cannonization and a Saint Project.

    After our bond in strengthened, we will focus on our eighth grade religion curriculum. The students will analyze the timeline of the Catholic Church and the roles saints, priests and lay people have held in supporting and maintaining our faith. 

    Our curriculum is supported by the Respect Life office, and our students will partake in the Annual Respect Life Youth Contest through the Diocese of Rockville Centre. "The mission of The Respect Life Office is to enunciate and promote the principle that human life, at all stages from conception to natural death, is a gift from God, worthy of respect and protection."

    In eighth grade, we will continue to partner our religion curriculum and respect life message with our health curriculum. The students will complete their "Baby Project" to demonstrate their understanding of abstinence, the complexities of parenting and the cost of raising a newborn. In health, the students will focus on the reproductive system, the stages of development (before and after birth), and the stages of birth.